The Great Minnesota South Mission Get-Together

October 10, 2020

“Tell Everyone What He Has Done”

The Great Minnesota South Mission Get-Together
Mayer Lutheran High School

Great MN S Mission Get-Together

2020 Election Results and letter from President Deb Vinkemeier

I would like to thank our outgoing district officers that have served faithfully and diligently the last four years on the LWML MN South District Board. They are Vice President of Christian Life, Debi Mahoney – Vice President of Human Care – Pamela Hunter, Vice President of Servant Resources – Kathy Roslansky, Treasurer – Darlene Fretham, Pastoral Counselors Rev. Larry Griffin and Rev. Eric Nelson and this past biennium Nominating Committee – Joann Rosenfeld, Chairman and Julie Ebert, Audrey Oehlke, Elaine Taggatz and Cheryl Stohlmann.

I also want to thank our 2020 Convention Chairman Joyce Swedean and her volunteer helpers for their work in organizing for our 2020 LWML District Convention. Their work will not go in vain. We will be using the table centerpieces they created at The Great Minnesota South Mission Get – Together event in October.

The 2020 LWML MN South election has been completed. Being there was not a convention our election was done electronically and by paper ballot. We had 96 voting by paper ballot and 202 voting electronically for a total of 298 voters. 270 ballots were submitted that were counted. Those on the Teller Committee were Parliamentarian Linda Butzin, Chairman, Pastoral Counselor Wayne Bernau, Lisa Kamrath, Darlene Ave-Lallemant, Hazel Sitz and President Deb Vinkemeier. Also attending by Zoom was national LWML representative Deaconess Betty Knapp.

The results of the election are:

  • Vice President of Christian Life – Joy Anderson
  • Vice President of Human Care – Debi Mahoney
  • Vice President of Servant Resources – Tracy Eickhoff
  • Treasurer – Joann Rosenfeld
  • Pastoral Counselors – Rev. Rob Jarvis and Rev. Adam Hengst
  • Nominating Committee – Darlene Fretham, Chairman, Pamela Hunter, Kay Gottschalk, Tabitha Hoffman, Jeannie Von Berge

The Bylaw Amendments and our Mission Goal of $265,000 passed.

Mission Grants:

  • Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Food Co-op $10,000
  • Minnesota South District Student Aid Scholarships $30,000
  • LCMS Missionary Support at Just the Right Time (Mission Central) $10,000
  • The Dwelling Place – General Operating Support $10,000
  • The Timothy Scholarship – Mayer Lutheran High School $15,000
  • Tuition Assistance – Martin Luther High School, Northrup $15,000
  • Rooted*Celebrating*Growing-Capital Campaign of Camp Omega $20,000
  • 3-Way partnership for Financial Assistance, Concordia Academy $15,000
  • Bringing Christ’s Light to Those Living in Darkness $15,000
  • Multiplying International Friendship Centers (POBLO) $12,000
  • Support for a Growing Educational Need (LSEM) $15,000
  • Nigerian Seminary Tuition Assistance $12,000
  • Connecting People in an Inclusive Christian Housing Community $10,000
  • Concordia Seminary’s International Graduate School Students, St. Louis $  7,000
  • Equipping MN south District for Disability Ministry and Respite Care $  2,750  (partial)

Convention Verse – Sing praises to the Lord; for He has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth. Isaiah 12:5

Convention Information:

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