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A society may wish to activate or reactivate and become eligible for full representation in the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. The District Recording Secretary has the record of their charter status. The society may have kept the original; if not, a duplicate may be issued.

A society that wishes to reactivate:

A. contacts the Zone President;
B. notifies the District President and/or Recording Secretary in writing or via e-mail;
C. identifies active members;
D. identifies society officers (can be done by mutual consent without an election) – a leader, a financial secretary and 2 delegates are basic;
E. reviews society Bylaws and updates as necessary; submits to District Bylaws Committee for examination;
F. informs the re-activated society of the many LWML resources online;
G. decides how to fund District Equalization and Zone assessments;
H. identifies a plan for collecting and submitting mites regularly; The Zone President:

LWML Bylaws Relating to Individual Membership

(one of the articles with which a district must comply)


Section 1
a. A woman who is a communicant member of an LCMS congregation is eligible for membership as an individual or in a society.

e. Individual membership is available to a woman in an LCMS congregation with or without a society affiliated with the LWML. Individual membership is not considered a society or a unit, nor does it confer voting privileges at the national

f. Requests for recognition of membership shall be processed by the LWML district in which the individual or society resides.

Individual Membership

  • Individual membership is available to women in LCMS congregations with or without a group affiliated with
  • Individual membership is designed for women who have an interest in the mission and ministry of the LWML organization, but cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend society

Qualifications for Individual Membership

  • Be a communicant member in an LCMS congregation
  • Support the mission and ministry of LWML
  • Desire to participate in LWML

Procedure for becoming an Individual Member

  • Requests for recognition as an individual member should be made, either verbally or in writing, to the president of the LWML district in which the applicant
  • If contact information is needed for the LWML District President, call the LWML Office [ l-800- 252-LWML(5965)] or visit

Privileges of Individual Membership

  • May participate in a variety of LWML events and
  • May hold elective or appointive office, if desired.

Responsibilities of Individual Membership

  • Understand the purpose of LWML and support LWML grants and
  • Send in mite offerings to the district
  • Obtain from the LWML Office a subscription to the official LWML publication, if not provided by the district

Voting privileges of an Individual Member

  • Individual membership is not considered a society or a unit, and therefore does not confer voting privileges at the national level. [See LWML Bylaws, Article II, Section l(e)]
  • The privilege of vote at zone or district meetings is at the discretion of those organizations and is determined by their