Mission Grant Proposal Instructions and Application can be found under the Resource tab! Applications need to be postmarked by January 3, 2022.

Mission Grants Projects 2018-2020 Biennium
Mite Box Ministry

The MITE BOX is a small box used to receive gifts of gratitude to support the projects and programs of the LWML.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the missions may use a MITE BOX.

MITE BOX offerings are collected and sent to the DISTRICT on a regular basis by the SOCIETY.

The DISTRICT keeps 75% of all MITE offerings for district grants; 25% is sent to the national LWML for its mission goal and programs.

Mite monies should be sent to Irene Mensing, Financial Secretary
41000 – 50TH STREET, Blue Earth MN 56013
Phone: 507-525-1970
Email: financialsec@mnslwml.org
OR you can now donate to mites online