You may download the 2018 Bylaws and Table of Contents approved at the 2018 Convention.

What are bylaws?
The bylaws of a group are the rules that relate to it as an organization and prescribe how the group will function. Be careful not to include amount of dues or other items that change frequently.

What are standing rules?
Standing rules are rules that are related to the administration of a group rather than parliamentary procedures. Put common practices here that are to be followed but can be changed by majority vote at a meeting.

Guidelines/Procedures Manual
These are used to give the details of responsibilities and procedures. They help to keep the bylaws simple and concise. Put all the details here so that new officers know what is expected of them.

Articles in a set of (zone) bylaws
Most bylaws of LWML groups contain the following articles:

Officers and Elections
Duties of Officers
Appointed Officers
Executive Committee
Pastoral Counselor
Standing Committees
Fiscal Year
*Parliamentary Authority

*These articles must conform with the (national) LWML Bylaws

Click to download STANDING POLICIES.