Endowment Fund - Let’s Grow a Tree!

What is an endowment fund?  In short, an endowment fund is a perpetual gift - a gift
that lasts forever.  When you give a donation to an organization, that donation is usually
consumed immediately as part of that organization’s annual operating budget.
But when you make a donation to an endowment fund, that donation (or principal) is not
spent but is invested to create income for the endowment fund.  The principal is like a
tree that bears fruit.  The income from the fund is the fruit that is harvested to benefit the
organization.  The bigger the tree, the more fruit it will bear.
The MN South LWML is just getting started with its endowment fund - we are planting
our endowment tree that for years to come will bear fruit that will benefit the mission of
the LWML.  Any gift, big or small, will be used to grow our endowment tree and leave a
legacy for future generations.

To help grow our LWML MN South District Endowment Fund ‘tree,’ direct your gift to
“endowment fund” on the memo line of your check or on the Contribution Form sent to
Financial Secretary Carol Henning. Please contact Nancy Kohrs, Endowment
Coordinator with any questions. (651-380-3059; kohrs.nancy@gmail.com)

updated 4-28-2024


Gift Acceptance Policy


But just as you excel in everything...see that you also excel in this grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7 NIV, 1984).