President's Message

Letter from the LWML District President, Deb Vinkemeier


How’s Your Eyesight?

How many of you wear glasses? I discovered that I needed glasses in my 40’s when I was unable to read the name and addresses on the mail I was sorting, unless I held it up to my nose or held it an arm’s length away. I didn’t mind wearing glasses unless they were splattered with rain or frosted up from the cold. Now that I have been wearing them for years, I have gotten used to them. But now I have a different annoying situation: a floater, getting in the way of my sight.

I think about the story of how Saul (later Paul) became blind for three days because he was persecuting the Lord. But he regained his sight and was baptized and transformed from his sinful life style to a Christ-centered life style, boldly proclaiming Jesus as the Christ throughout the Roman Empire. What a Christian legacy he left us!

This year the Lutheran Women in Mission has been joyfully proclaiming Christ for 80 years. We have supported mission works through our mites and equipped women to honor God by serving others. What a blessing that the LWML is able to continue to carry out this legacy, telling others about Jesus around the globe and sharing His great love throughout the world we live in .

Easter is this month, a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Like a floater in the eye, we can lose focus on what Christ did for us. Let’s not make Easter a one-day celebration or lose focus on the meaning of Easter. Let us continue to celebrate Easter every day until Christ returns. Let this be our legacy to continue to pass on what Christ has done for us from generation to generation.

As time goes on, the little floater in my eye is less noticed and my life is a bit easier. When it does appear, I remember that I belong to a powerful, all-seeing Savior, who watches over me daily as I joyfully follow Him out into the world, sharing the legacy of what Jesus has done for us all. Will your Easter eyesight continue to be 20-20? I’m praying it will be, so that others may clearly see Jesus in our midst, eagerly invite Him into their lives, and faithfully follow and serve our precious Savior who died for us and lives eternally.

Easter Blessings,

Deb Vinkemeier
LWML MN South President


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